The Top 5 Things to See in VR Right Now That Aren’t Games

Virtual Reality (VR) comes in many forms. The most visible format of VR to date has been online gaming.  If you aren’t into games, don’t give up on VR yet.

Virtual Reality (VR) comes in many forms. The most visible format of VR to date has been online gaming.  If you aren't into games, don't give up on VR yet. There is a lot more to VR entertainment than first person shooter games or zombies. VR can be used for many different types of content. From 360-degree filming that immerses the viewer in an experience to interactive computer-generated stories and more, artists, directors and writers are exploring exciting new types of story-telling with VR.

Here is a list of the top 5 must-see things in VR to date that are available on both Oculus and HTC Vive unless otherwise noted:

Dear Angelica, Oculus Story Studios

Dear Angelica is a short, sub-15 minute VR movie that premiered earlier this year at The Sundance Film Festival and has been heralded as "the film and film-making tool VR needs." Artfully constructed using Quill, the story surrounds you with multiple dimensions of the narrative in a whole new form of storytelling. The movie is about a young woman who reconnects with her deceased actress mother through her mother's old movies. The piece explores a form of 3D story telling that is closer to experiencing her memories and emotions than traditional films could attempt. 

theBlu, Wevr

theBlu is a VR short series of 6 episodes which explore a series of oceanic habitats and species. Experience parts of the Earth's oceans that would be impossible to visit without virtual reality and observe species that divers and scientists spend a lifetime pursing. It is an awe-inspiring journey and some of the best VR has to offer. It is virtually impossible to not reach out and touch the whales or manta rays as they pass by.

Zero Days, Scatter Studios

Zero Days explores the next wave in cyber warfare. Experience a secret mission as the virus itself as you are sent on a mission to destabilize an underground nuclear facility in a foreign country. You are the first virus of your kind; you can create real-world physical damage. The most unnerving part of Zero Days is how this threat may be closer to home than we realize.

Lone Echo, Ready At Dawn Studios

Lone Echo is an interactive VR story where you assume the role of a robot named Echo One. You are assisting the Captain on a lonely mission within the rings of Saturn. As a series of unexplained phenomena happen, you must help the captain solve the mystery to survive and make it home. A mixture of movie and game playing, Lone Echo is an excellent example of how VR can change entertainment.

Walk the Plank, Malum Applications

Walk the Plank continues to have an impact even thought it is one of the first stories created to experience VR. While it's a classic VR piece, it is successful because it taps into the basic human emotion of fear. The story transports you to the top of a skyscraper, and you must challenge your senses to walk out onto a thin board high above the street below. In addition to the major platforms, Walk the Plank also works on Google Cardboard.