• We are looking for people who are passionate about researching and publishing on emerging technologies — people who can cut through the hype and shape the conversation in our areas of interest. We are currently looking for the following:

    • Storytellers, independent journalists, photo/video journalists, educators, writers and other contributors who are interested in being compensated to contribute to our work
    • Companies and organizations who are looking to evangelize their products, skills or technological progress

    Please contact us we’ll respond quickly.

  • We want to do more than talk about emerging trends. We want to partner to create experiences, tell stories, demonstrate emerging technologies and evangelize new companies and people.

    In partnering, we are prepared to support or lead the production, funding and marketing of unique projects in our areas of interest.

    Please contact us and we’ll respond quickly.  We promise to evaluate and discuss all serious proposals we receive.

  • While we are getting started as a company, we have a strong sense of the team we want to build. We want to work with insightful individuals while include all voices in the conversation. We believe that a diversity of perspectives and experiences strengthens our work and increases our impact.

    We are currently looking for people in the following roles. If you or someone you know has interest, use the form below to contact us — we’ll take it from there.

    • Team members who will assume a leadership role to help us shape our efforts in the following focus areas. We’ll consider all backgrounds and angles (so, don’t be shy) but the ideal candidate will likely come with a background in journalism, consulting or research
      • Artificial Intelligence
      • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
      • Big Data and Analytics
    • Team members who will support our efforts broadly. We are currently looking for the following roles (both with at least 1-3 years of relevant experience)
      • Social Media Marketer
      • Project Manager / Coordinator

    And as always, we are very interested to hear from you if you find what we are doing exciting and want to be part of the team. We always will find a meaningful place on our team for passionate, intelligent talent.

    Please contact us and we’ll respond quickly.

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New York, NY 10016